Solar-Powered Attic Fan

How about this – we make the sun cool down your attic. With the Solar attic fan your attic stays cooler, reduces moisture, helps prevent mold and mildew growth, prolongs the life of your roof and HVAC equipment and needs no electrical hook up to power.

This is one of those “green” products that you wished you always had.

Reflective Insulation and House Wrap

As we just mentioned, “Green” is the catch word these days. There will come a day when “green” is the norm. Reflective house wrap and insulation is part of this movement. Reduction of radiant heat gain and loss, redirects radiant heat back into the living spaces, extends the life of the heating and cooling systems and most of all saves energy and lowers heating costs.

If you are building a house, come see us. We’ll show you “Green”.